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Data Backup

Managed Data Backup

With ransomware on the rise, the risk of losing all company data is becoming far more likely than it was even two years ago. Loss of customer records, financial and accounting information, payroll, and inventory data not only puts the security of confidential patient information at risk, but it also threatens the viability of the company you’ve worked so hard to build.

Our hybrid backup service provides multiple points of recovery if an event like ransomware, hardware failure, human error, or any other disaster scenario hits your company.

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Why Onsite and Online Data Backup?

To help protect yourself and increase your sensitive data security, you should keep redundant copies of your valuable data in two protected locations. Storing data both on-site and in the cloud adds a measure of security to your information and provides easy access for data recovery in the event of an issue.

Protected with Monitored Hybrid Backup Services

TriStratus helps monitor your daily data backup using remote system monitoring software. If errors are detected, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue and make sure the backup is completed successfully. We’ll send email notifications and reports as well, to keep you apprised of activity on your account.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

TriStratus offers Hybrid Backup Service, a redundant, remotely managed backup and recovery solution for your company. This service takes the worry and hassle out of the backup process and provides greater peace of mind because your critical data is stored in (and potentially recoverable from) two locations. Hybrid Backup Service is a single solution that takes a coordinated approach to managing cloud backup of data by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption while the data is stored locally and in the cloud.

With Hybrid Backup Service, should disaster strike your company, recovery of your data is quicker and more certain.

Greater Peace of Mind

Ever partially or completely lost your server because of disaster or hardware failure? The Hybrid Backup Service is designed to help recover your data quickly. Your company will have access to your data both on the local backup device and in the cloud. And when needed, in most cases TriStratus can quickly assist you in restoring a previous version of a file, image, emails, or full database with just a simple call to experts on the TriStratus remote server monitoring team. If for any reason restoration requires onsite assistance, a TriStratus technician will be dispatched to restore your data at your premises. (In some cases, a fee may apply.)